The Discs For Dogs Charity Program

Do you have any old CDs or DVDs in your house that are just collecting dust?   Have you ever tried selling those old discs at a second-hand CD store, only to be told that they were unacceptable because they were too scratched, had missing or damaged artwork, or because the store just wasn't interested in those titles?

This is a program that is coordinated along with local SPCA offices ( to reduce landfill waste and help animals at the same time.  The Discs For Dogs program allows people to donate (and recycle!) their old unwanted CDs and DVDs, regardless of condition, and 100% of the money raised goes directly to the SPCA.

In the "iPod" age that we now find ourselves in, many people no longer have any use for their actual physical CDs anymore, and simply end up throwing them away.  According to the WorldWatch Institute, 45 TONS of used CDs are discarded each month and end up in landfills. This is tragic because those CDs are made of a polycarbonate plastic that doesn't degrade over time.  They will even reimburse your shipping costs if you wish, so donating doesn't cost you a single penny!
The “Discs For Dogs Charity Program” has been running this program for over two years now and so far they’ve raised several thousand dollars for local SPCA’s.

You can find more information and answers to most of your questions on the website or email them at

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