Family-Friendly Fun At

America's Family Pet Expo 2008

Enjoy a day at America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California!

Watch as Planet Pets TV hosts Brandon James and Bonnie Rogers explore the amazing diversity of this mega sized pet event! Dogs (of all breeds), Cats, Snakes, Birds, Lizards and even Tarantula Spiders!

Brandon and Bonnie are up for adventure in various animal encounters featured in this 28 minute DVD

  • Brandon takes some "beak" from a truculent Toucan
  • Bonnie and Brandon feel the powerful bite of a trained police dog
  • They cheer amazing dog athletes who race through obstacle courses
  • Brandon confronts his fear as he gets cozy with a Tarantula spider
  • Up close and personal with a black-throated monitor and an alligator
  • Bonnie finds out what it's like to wear a Boa Constrictor snake
  • They marvel at some high-flying dogs who like to make a big splash
  • Beautiful and talkative birds that amaze with their talent
  • "Urban Mushers" prove you don't need snow to run sled dogs

This is a delightful, funny and entertaining DVD is perfect for animal lovers of all ages!

Fun for the whole family for only $4.95 plus shipping!

Product Facts:

  • 28 Minute Live Action Video On DVD

  • New, Shrink-Wrapped - Carefully and Quickly Shipped

  • Enjoy!