Introduction To Healthy Pet Net Foods

With the recent pet food recall at the forefront of our minds, you are likely very conscious of the need for the best possible nutrition for your pet. 

Malnutrition can often be the leading cause of both disease and premature death in our beloved companion pets.   

We have found a source for some of the most nutritious, high quality foods and treats for your pet. We recommend you have a look at the “Life’s Abundance” fresh pet food line created by Dr. Jane Bicks, in partnership with Healthy Pet Net.  

Life’s Abundance is a line of 100% real, preservative free, nutritious food created in small batches each week for maximum freshness.  You can order directly online, eliminating middleman costs as well as ensuring that the food you buy for your pet has not been sitting on a warehouse shelf for the past few months. (or even longer!)

Through Dr. Jane Bicks’ careful design, Healthy Pet Net ensures that undesirable things such as by-products (bones, feathers, chicken heads), meat and bone meal from dead pets & animals, chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, both known carcinogens), empty protein boosters (wheat, corn or soy glutens, or artificial colors or flavors are not included in their foods.

Healthy Pet Net also makes sure to keep the proper healthy balance in it's pet food by using real ingredients such as human-grade meats, broccoli, flax seed extract and more. 

We at cannot recommend this brand of pet foods highly enough, and are proud to share this information and products with you.


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