And Now Ladies & Gentlemen, Introducing Planet-Pets TV!

By Brandon James

We’ve been “busy bees” at this past month devising creative ways to continue to bring our readers quality information in the most entertaining ways we can imagine. 

Enter Planet Pets TV.

Hosted by Brandon James, The Scoop’s Editor and Planet-Pets’ blogmeister, and Amanda Fruta, our resident Content Optimizer and all around goofball, Planet Pets TV is the first of its kind on the web.  We are the first news and entertainment show online solely focused on the pet world.  Our mission is to keep our audience tuned into the latest happenings in the pet world they should know about, and celebrate the amazing way our furry friends help us deal with our day to day Life in their own special way.

In this first episode, we traveled to the Huntington Dog Beach in California to speak with dog owners about the special relationship they have with their pet. What we ended up with was some hilarious stories about some very rambunctious puppies.  Not to mention a few with personalities that could light up the silver screen!

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Be sure to write us with your comments on the show and with any ideas on things you would like to see us investigate further on your behalf!

We are very excited to bring this next phase to you and hope you enjoy it as much as we think you will!


 Brandon James

Click here to watch our debut Episode!

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