Your Top Weapons In Keeping Your Pet Healthy
 by: Brandon James

When you look on the shelves in the pharmacy or grocery store, it’s very easy to get lost in trying to pick out an over-the-counter remedy, even for yourself.  You’ve got itchy eyes, runny nose, and a headache, and need a daytime remedy.  5 of the available products say they help those symptoms, but they all have a disclaimer saying they make you drowsy – the classic “Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery While On “EtcEtc-Rx”.  All those labels and qualifications can be overwhelming at first glance.  It’s really no different when you begin to look into finding the right non-prescription solution for your pet.  The multitudes of available medicines can be overwhelming and confusing, so I’ve taken it upon myself to sort through the clutter and highlight a few of the most recommended medicines out there.  In some cases with these medicines there are possible side effects, so please make sure you do your best to do your homework before purchasing any non-prescription medicine for your pet.

Due to the fact that most domestic pets in America are either a dog or cat, those are the remedies I’m going to focus on. 

 That’s right guys!  It’s here!  Flea and tick season.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of effective, reasonably priced solutions for you to find.  Here are some of the top selling solutions.


Medications for Fleas and Ticks


Description: the recipient of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, Frontline is an easy-to-apply liquid that provides your pet with guaranteed control against fleas and ticks. • Kills 98–100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours • Continues killing fleas for an entire month or more • Remains waterproof for 30 days, even if your dog or cat swims or is bathed • Gentle enough for use on puppies 8 weeks of age or older

Average Cost: from $35 – 150 US (depending on if it’s for a dog or cat, and how many applications you buy)


Description: Advantage is the fastest topical solution, proven to stop fleas from biting in 3 - 5 minutes after application. Advantage kills 98-100 percent of fleas within 12 hours of initial application. In addition, one convenient treatment lasts for up to one month. Advantage is water-resistant, so it kills fleas even after a shampooing, swimming or exposure to rain or sunlight. So, your cat or dog can enjoy his/her normal activities without worry. For dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older.

Average Cost: from $44 – 130 US


Description: Sentinel is a monthly pill that prevents flea infestation. It also prevents heartworm and kills parasites such as hookworm, roundworm and whipworm. FDA APPROVED. This is one of safest, most effective drugs of its kind on the market for dogs. It was also awarded the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Average Cost:  from $55-75 US


Description:  Revolution is a topical parasiticide used in the treatment or prevention of heartworm disease, fleas, the American dog tick, ear mites and canine sarcoptic mange in dogs. When used in cats it is used in the treatment or prevention of heartworm disease, fleas, ear mites and also to prevent hookworm and roundworm disease.

Average Cost: from $34 – 150 US


Another major issue in the US, particularly with dogs is heartworm.  Here’s a top selling remedy called:

Medication for Heartworm


Description: Interceptor is a monthly flavor tab indicated for use in the prevention of heartworm in dogs. It also kills parasites such as hookworm, roundworm and whipworm. 6 MONTH SUPPLY of Pills. FDA approved.  Heartworm disease injures the lungs, the arteries of the lungs and the heart. Symptoms include tiring, coughing, weight loss and heart failure.

Average Cost: from $19 – 75 US

Sometimes having a pet is more work than it’s supposed to be, especially when your pet has an issue with excessive shedding.  Often the excess fur can become overwhelming.  There are medicines you can buy that can treat this excess shedding by supplementing essential oils and fats in your pet’s diet to reduce their hair loss.


Medication for Excessive Shedding


Description: Effective in reducing shedding and enhancing your cat's coat. Includes a blend of fatty acids, natural oils, herbs, antioxidants, vitmains, and minerals specially formulated to provide fast relief for you and your pet.  It produces a radiant coat and promotes healthy skin for dogs. Proprietary Blend (a powder complex of safflower, sunflower. Flaxseed, borage, evening primrose, and fish oils.) Lecithin Powder, Flaxseed Oil 50% Powder, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Vit A, Vit D-3, Vit E, Vit B-1, Vit. B-2, Vit B-6, Vit. B-12, Niacinamide, Choline, Inositol

Average Cost: from $12 – 40 US (depending on dog or cat)

There are all sorts of issues that you have to face as a pet owner.  Some are day to day routine maintenance, and others are sporadic in their nature.  Here are some remedies that are available to help you in your fight to keep your pet happy and healthy for many years to come.


Medication for Relief from Athritis/Joint Pain


Description:  One of the best joint and arthritis products used. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin, the most effective joint supplements available.  The use of this drug helps to slow the enzymes that break down cartilage in the joints.

Average Cost:  from $13 – 53 US (depending on dog or cat)


Medication for Relief from Itching/Hot Spots


Description:  Clinically developed and tested by a veterinary dermatologist for aiding the soothing, drying and healing of moist hot spots. Also relieves itching and helps control the spread of lesions. Provides immediate relief.

Average Cost: $7 – 8 US


Medication for Ear Care/Excessive Moisture


Description:  Excess moisture causes big problems in many pet's ears. The result is often smelly, itchy infections that are hard to clear up and damaging to the pet. R-7 Ear Cleaner reduces ear problems and ear odor by stopping them before they start.  Helps keep ears dry and reduce odors. Excellent for Spaniels and dogs that hunt and swim. Use after Step 1 and Step 2 for a complete ear cleaning.

Average Cost:  $8 - 9 US


Medication to control Urine Odor/Bladder Infections


Description:  Provides supplemental source of dl-methionine and aids in maintaining a low urine Ph. A palatable urinary acidifier for use in dogs and cats. A supplemental source of Methionine, it’s used to treat bladder infection. Also aids in the control of urine odors.

Average Cost: from $6 – 7 US


With the warm weather here, now is the time to really get outdoors and enjoy your pet’s companionship.  I trust that this information will give you some stronger tools to keep your pet healthy and give you stronger tools to make sure they stay that way for a long time to come. 

Happy Tails!

About the author:
In addition to being the editor of this Newsletter, Brandon James is author of the Planet-Pets Blog "Today's Inside Scoop" and a frequent contributor of articles to many online pet information sites.

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