Planet-Pets TV - Episode 3,   October 2007

Planet-Pets TV at Haute Dogs!

In this month’s episode of Planet Pets TV, the crew is reporting from the 2007 Haute Dog Halloween Parade and Pageant in Long Beach, California.  The 12-block sidewalk show was staged around Livingston Park (on Livingston St) in the Belmont Shore area between Roycroft and Granada Avenues.

Under a beautiful sunny sky, the family fun went on all afternoon and was attended by hundreds of decked out dogs and their costumed human companions. Entry fees helped raise thousands of dollars for animal rescue charities and many pet-deprived people found a canine companion right at the event! This is our first report in a series from the event.

See Part 2 of this Report from Haute Dogs Parade!

Click Here to see pictures from the 2007 Haute Dogs Howl'oween Parade and Pageant in Long Beach, CA!


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