Cat Health Secrets by Chantal Williams


Ever wonder what is actually in your cat’s food, and whether the ingredients are really necessary to your feline’s diet? How and what to feed in order to maintain your cat’s optimal heath? What plants in your household or your yard may be poisonous to cats? What ordinary infections should the cat owner be on the lookout for? Which are treatable, and how?


This eBook offers easy to understand explanations facts about the feline diet and how it differs from the canine world, as well as information about illnesses, from cancers and Chlamydia, parasites and rabies. This is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive guide to feline infections, diseases, and common ailments, what to look for, how to prevent them if possible, and how to treat them if necessary.


In conclusion, this eBook provides many essential tips and ideas about cat health and how to provide proper care, which is displayed in a casual and understandable style, and makes for an enjoyable and essential read for all cat owners.



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