Cat Training Secrets! by Cassandra Mandello

This eBook is an all-encompassing guide to our feline friends. It covers various aspects in splendid detail, and does a beautiful justice to the quirky intelligence and charming nature of cats in general.

 The sections about behavior are an excellent source for understanding the complex social conduct and elaborate natural instincts of cats, and will enhance any cat owner’s perceptions of and communication with these extraordinary and fascinating animals. The many different training segments not only cover the basics, but also share some interesting snippets that stem from the knowledge gained only by a true relationship with cats, and include a good dose of common sense as well. The dietary and health requirements of felines extensively covered in this eBook prove to be in-depth, and told with enthusiasm for proper care and with obvious research for the correct approach.

 An interesting and all-inclusive read, personal and devoted, this eBook is straight from a cat-lovers heart, and will prove invaluable to anyone wishing a healthier understanding and an improved relationship with their beloved cat.

Reviewed by Anna Crawford of

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