Dog Training Mastery by Ray Coleiro

An in-depth look at training dogs, this eBook offers masterful advice for basic training, problem behaviors, tricks, competition, dog-human communication, and much more. This eBook presents a thorough and easy-to-understand inventory of answers to many questions which dog owners often ask themselves.


If you are searching for a healthier awareness of your dog, look no further. Dog Training Mastery is in part an examination of canine society, with details about becoming a part of your dog's world from the canine perspective, including pack behaviors and dog psychology.


The section on destructive behavior is thorough and straightforward, offering not only training tips but understandable psychological explanations for behavior as well. Not only will you be reading about the problem and how to correct it, but you will receive an education about the root of the issue in the process.


As written by the author of this comprehensive eBook, "When you try to understand your dog's emotions, motivations, drives and instincts, you go a long way to establishing a relationship with your dog."


Reviewed by Anna Crawford of

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