Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

Dog Food Secrets - Pet Food Recall,
Dog Food Secrets, authored by Andrew Lewis, is one man's journey and heartfelt strike at the heart of the commercial pet food industry and it's lack of integrity when it comes to feeding our pets with the nutrition they need.  

After suffering through the tragic early death of his hound, Noble, at the age of 4 due to malnutrition and poisoning from a diet of commercial dog foods, Andrew made it his personal mission to uncover and expose the truth of how most commercial pet foods are made. In this riveting book, he explains the startling truth of what he found.  

In his foreword, Andrew explains his sentiments for his lost friend, Noble: 

"We miss you dearly, but thank you for the many thousands of dogs that will now live a longer, healthier, happier life because of the lessons learned through your passing.  You were a true and loving friend of the purest heart, I shall never forget you..."

Along with the "exposed" information, in this package, Andrew Lewis offers you:

  1. "140 Dog Recipes" 
  2. "23 Healthy & Delicious Doggy Treat Recipes",
  3. His confidential report revealing the 9 brands of "very best, ultra healthy, commercial dog food brands in North America"
  4. "The Dog", a classic-historical look at Man's best friend written in the 1800's by William Youatt,
  5. "The Hungry Dog", a collaborative pet recipe book compiled by Andrew Lewis from other pet owners like yourself.

If you are as concerned as we are for the overall health of your pet, this is a must-read.  

Andrew Lewis not only confidently educates but also arms you with the essential knowledge you need to guard yourself against the terrible possibility of unwittingly "poisoning" your dog with the food you feed him.

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