Puppy Housetraining: the Ultimate Guide by Nathalie Lafleur


This eBook is quite user-friendly; it is written with everyday people in mind, with common questions answered, general information on housebreaking and training problems, and more, all offered in a clear and functional format. If you enjoy a personable and uncomplicated read, because you want to be educated rather than bothered with a lot of fancy wording or frills, this is the eBook for you. This is straightforward, practical writing that offers solid advice for training your new puppy, such as the mastery of toilet training, leash & collar, crates & traveling, and much more.


There are many examples of excellent research and obvious experience in this eBook. The author discusses how a good quality food can affect puppy-training success, and how a regular feeding schedule helps you and your new puppy to determine when elimination will occur - which means less messy accidents!


There is nothing better than receiving solid advice on something important to you from someone who really knows what they are talking about. The author claims to be a ‘dog passionate’ person, and this is unashamedly apparent from the charming first page to the question-and-answer-style conclusion.



Reviewed by Anna Crawford of Planet-Pets.com


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