Tropical Fish Secrets by Sean LeMay


Tropical Fish Secrets -Your Ultimate Guide to Tropical Fish

By Sean LeMay


This eBook opens with "whether it's in a saltwater tank or fresh water aquarium, we've got the answers to all your questions" - and this seems to be quite an accurate assessment, because this eBook is full of unbelievable facts, tips, and information for the fish newcomer or the seasoned aquarium pro, about virtually every topic related to building and managing a healthy fish environment.


Each section is instructive and complete, and bursting with critical details; early steps and checklists for starting a new aquarium, cleaning and maintenance, choosing the right fish, proper nutrition, illnesses and more, all the way to the completely stable and functional miniature underwater world of your dreams.


The history section is very interesting and informative, and talks about such renowned long-ago people as Aristotle and the Chinese Sung Dynasty. There is a large segment dedicated to the different common freshwater or saltwater species of fish. Overall, this is a very well-written and educational eBook which offers loads of essential information, and is a must-read for any aquarium owner.



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