Shaila & Carter, her Yorkshire Terrier

My furry little puppy, Teddy “Carter", came into my life 8 months ago, a joy I never expected. At just under 2 pounds, he took his first train ride in New York at just 2 months old, and 2 days later we jumped onto a plane to head to my residence in L.A. I quickly realized that I had a special bundle of energy on my hands. This puppy, or "kid" as I like to describe him, never quits. He's constantly running around and always so excited to meet new people and other furry friends. His first friend was a bunny twice his size named Bella.  I'm convinced this is why he chooses to hop around the apartment most of the time. Soon after he befriended a big ole Pug named Penny. He quickly learned that though other doggies may be stronger and bigger, he could eventually wear them out.

The biggest lesson I learned from Carter came the dreaded day I took him to the vets to get neutered. Not only was he getting neutered, but they were going to microchip him and pull out a bunch of his baby teeth. When I returned to the vet office to pick him up, I was prepared to see my little energizer bunny of a dog all dopey and weak. To my surprise he was ecstatic to see me and they said he had been bouncing around his cage for awhile. That day I couldn't believe how happy the little guy was.  It was official…nothing could phase him. I just watched him bounce around the house as if nothing was wrong and it hit me. Carter was my little angel, my constant reminder to enjoy life. Here's this innocent little creature that just had major surgery, and yet all he wanted to do was run around, play, and smother me with kisses. I realized that though my life had thrown me a few curveballs, it was my choice how to live each day. I could choose to be happy no matter what was thrown my way. And now any time I'm overwhelmed, I can just look at my little Carter and realize that I am truly blessed.

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