The Story of Bob and Glock

As our story goes, it begins last October, with a Craigslist ad I posted because Robert and I were looking to adopt a Doberman puppy.  We had several responses, and ended up getting a puppy in a very short time.  Well as it turned out, the puppy we purchased turned out to be 1 of 2 stolen from a local Doberman breeder here in Michigan!  We quickly contacted the breeder, and returned the stolen puppy to her that same night. 

She was so thankful for our goodwill and integrity that she gave us one of her own Dobermans…. Enter Glock, the 90 lbs, 8 month old Doberman (dare I say puppy) who was fully trained with the usual obedience commands.  What a trade in it turned out to be!

Having no children of our own, Glock immediately filled a void that we had in our lives.  He took to us just like glue right away.  Glock was our personal shadow.



Robert owns his own business and unfortunately threw his back out while on the job.  It put him laid up in bed for a few weeks, and if Glock didn’t literally stay by his side the WHOLE time.  It was truly amazing to witness.  I swear he only left to eat and “visit the yard.” 

I don't know how we ever got along without his love, and faithfulness.  His birthday is October 19th and we’re looking forward to having a very special first birthday party for our newest addition, Glock Clark.

Written by Elizabeth Clark, wife of Robert and mother to Glock

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