I Guess You Could Say She Really IS Man’s Best Friend…. 

By Brandon James

As you go through Life, it’s not uncommon to hear about amazing stories where an animal seems to have performed an absolute act of heroism, bravery, or just plain amazing intelligence.  It’s as if in some situation they forget they are an animal and take on this incredible “human-like” presence that allows them to save the day.

I came across this story a few weeks back on my travels online looking for interesting stories to report on for The Scoop this month that warmed my heart and made me take a step back. 

 It’s the story of Sally, a Saluki breed dog found in the desert of Kuwait by a volunteer for an animal welfare group, PAWS.  When she was found, she had severe damage done to her hind leg and the veterinarian doctor on site had no choice but to amputate what remained to ensure she had no further deterioration or infection.  One of the volunteers on site was an American who had studied veterinary medicine at CSU, and wrote for a second opinion on their course of action from the veterinary hospital on campus.

The animal surgeon at CSU, Erick Egger, wrote back affirming their decision but what he also suggested was that because Sally was only estimated to be a year old, she would be a perfect candidate for an experimental surgery of grafting prosthetics directly to the bone, rather than the traditional strapping on of prosthetic limbs.

Typically, amputee pets do not respond well to those types of prosthetic limbs, but this surgery involves inserting a metallic implant directly into the bone of her leg that the prosthetic can attach to.  The unknown factor is whether or not the soft tissue like muscle and skin will grow into the metal implant, a factor that is critical to the long term success of the surgery.

Currently, Sally is in Ft. Collins at CSU waiting for the surgery to be performed after the necessary funds are raised to pay for the surgery and materials.

Wouldn’t it just be amazing if this brave puppy, found close to death out in the Kuwaiti desert, became the first being to have this new type of prosthetic limb?  It just warmed my heart to think that not only can we as humans give her another chance at living a wonderful, fulfilled life, but what we are giving her, she’ll naturally give back 100 fold!  It just amazes me.

You can really say that Sally is OUR best friend.

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