Our Mission

Our mission is to serve Pet Lovers by offering quality Pet information and resources.


A love for animals and a vision of how the Internet could help us attain our business goals brought about the birth of Planet-Pets.com in December of 1996.

Planet-Pets was started with two computers, an old Mac and a 386, and a lot of free time, which was soon occupied with learning html.

Planet Wildlife came next, followed by Planet Insect, then Planet Flora, and Pet Industry Online.

Planet Pets was purchased by Espino Enterprises, Inc. in 2003 with the goal of expanding the reach of the site as well as taking the founders' vision to a new level.


Tim Mitchell - Co-founder.

Janie Lukas - A co-founder.

Jack Hanna - TV animal adventurer and advisor.

Dr. Jennifer Warford DVM - Resident advisor

Dr. Shawn Messonnier DVM - Writer of veterinarian articles

Dr. Gloria Dodd DVM - Writer of veterinarian articles


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