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Ask Beverly:

About dog training

Beverly Orleans  graduated with an Associates Degree in Canine Science. Her coursework covered: dog obedience, canine behavior & psychology, breed characteristics, genetics, first aid, kennel management, grooming, show handling and more. She has been teaching groups and individuals for over 16 years. The local animal shelters call on Beverly when they have a dog they feel may be difficult to place. She evaluates the dog and works with it to increase it's adoption potential. Beverly has classes specifically for children and dogs; and has worked with people who just want a well-behaved dog to people who want to show their dog in the obedience ring.   
Visit Ms. Orleans website
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Ask Michele: About dogs

Ms. Gauthier has many years of experience with dogs including confirmation, showing, she has worked with patients with physical disabilities as a therapist and used dogs in the therapy process, she has managed a veterinary hospital, she opened her own boarding, grooming, and training facility which is approved by the Amercian Boarding Kennel Association. At present she raises and shows Toy Fox Terriers and Toy Poodles.

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Ask The Cat Lady:  About cats

I am known in my neighborhood as the Cat Lady. I have lived with animals, mostly cats for 20 some odd years. My love for cats became evident after bringing home 5 abandoned kittens; my first true experience as a surrogate mother.

Presently, I am the proud parent of seven cats. They range in age from 3 to 13 ½ years. I have four boys, a 13 ½ black & white, an 8 ½ gray & white, and a yellow, gray and black, and a 3 year old black & white. Of the three girls one is 10, black with red highlights, a 9 year old, that is three shades of gray and a 3 year old tortoise shell; each one has their own personality.

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Ask Aquariaman:
About aquaria

"Aquariaman is the sales director for Aquaricare-a manufacturer of approximately twenty different Natural Fish Foods, Natural Medias, and other Natural Aquarium Maintenance Supplies. Their renowned products offer the hobbyist considerable quality at very cost-effective prices by utilizing direct manufacturer purchasing and bulk product. As a service to their 6,000 customer base and growing they also offer Oceanvision backgrounds and Ebo-Jager heaters.

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Aquaria Q& A Board

Ask The Rabbit Lady: About rabbits

Linda Seeman has been living with house rabbits for 18 years. Her nursing background allows her to assess and understand the behavioral and physical aspects of rabbits. She is involved in rabbit rescue and provides educational talks on their care.

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Ask Kim: About horse care

Kimberly Cush has ridden and shown hunters for sixteen years but enjoys riding all styles and disciplines. She currently instructs beginners to intermediates, stressing a balanced, classical seat that works whether you' re chasing cows or galloping a course of fences. She is also the owner of Kindred Spirits Pet Care, a pet sitting service that specializes in both large and small animals. When she's not at the barn with her Quarter Horse gelding, she's sweeping up pet hair in the home she shares with her Newfoundland, Rottweiler and four cats. Visit the Kindred Spirits Pet Care web site

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