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Affenpinscher Breed Of Dog


Predecessor of the more familiar Brussels Griffon, the Affenpinscher is also known as the Monkey Dog. This dog dates as far back as the 17th century in Europe.

This dog is quiet and devoted, but can become very excited when attacked.

A sturdy little dog,  he is daring, alert, and quite smart. Resembling a terrier. the Affenpinscher is characterized by his "monkey" expression, which comes from a prominent chin with hair-tuft and mustache. It's coat is wiry and stiff having a shaggy look in some areas and short and thick in other areas.

Height - 10 inches. Weight - 7 to 8 pounds.

Coat types - medium, wiry,  black, black with tan, gray, red, tan. Hardly sheds.

Costs - averages $15.00 a month.

Information for training your Affenpinscher


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