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Alapaha Bulldog Breed

Alapaha Bulldogs

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog results from the generations-old breeding program of PaPa Buck Lane of Rebecca, Georgia. The program intended to rescue the "plantation dog" of Southern Georgia that was nearly extinct. When PaPa Buck was killed by a train in 1943, his Otto proved his undying devotion by constant visitation and guard duty over the grave.

Dutiful and quick to learn, the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are named as such for their streak of royalty. Owners claim that they are aggressive for defense only and needn't be restrained with a chain (provided the property is fenced).

These are active, mindful dogs with a lot of heart.

Height - 24 inches ( 61 cm). Weight - 100 pounds (47 kg), females are smaller, around 78 pounds (34 kg).

Colors - black, white, blu marbling (sic), bluff, brown and spotted.

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