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Buying And Caring For Your Fish And Fish Tank
Part Three

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Keep an eye on your tank daily. Look for signs of illness in your fish. Watch to see if any of your fish are attacking the others. In certain species of fish this can be part of the mating ritual and is expected. Are all of your fish eating? If not this could be a sign of illness. It is recommended that you not feed the fish one day out of the week. Check the water temperature. Is it at the right temperature? Check the filter flow.

Always remove any dead fish!

Making a partial water change once or twice a week should become part of your routine. One third of the water should be replaced with water of the same properties as is in your tank.

Feeding Your Fish

A basic healthy diet will consist of all the nutrients that most creatures need to exist. Your specific fish will call for a specific diet. Some thrive on live food while others do fine on the dry type. Once again, your Fish & Aquarium Shop owner will help you with this and can provide the necessary product for your fish. Vitamins can be added to the foods as a supplement. If you feed your fish properly and keep the food stored properly, giving them vitamins shouldn't be necessary.

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