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Buying And Caring For Your Fish And Fish Tank
Part Four

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Buying And Caring For Your Fish And Fish Tank


Changes in your fish can be warning signs. Some of the changes to look for in your fish are: color changes, eating habits or behavior changes. 

Trying to figure out the reasons for the sickness is a real challenge. Here are some things you can do:

Check the conditions of the fish tank. If the conditions are not up to par, correct them. 

Check with your pet store owner. He/she may be able to help diagnosis the problem with the aquarium. 

On our fish bookstore page you will find a link to books and publications to help you with diagnosing these problems. The best prevention is to watch your fish regularly. By doing this you get to know your fish and their habits.

Fish react abnormally during the reproductive cycles. They may hide more than normal, even tremble and shiver. Check your book for courtship behavior.


If your fish tank has accumulated a high level of harmful substances due to mistakes or even polluted city water, poisoning can occur.

Some of the symptoms that arise from this are breathing problems, your fish darting around in the tank, loss of color in the fish, and nervousness. 

If you suspect poisoning, immediately change the fish tank water. Rinse all objects in your tank well. Your books should include the actions to take for these problems of fish poisoning. 

We will mention that Carbon Dioxide poisoning is one of the more common types of poisoning that can happen if your fish tank contains plants. 

This can happen by over-fertilization of plants. Poisoning through tap water can happen due to the amount of chlorine in the water. If the bacterial count is high, the water company will up the chlorine amount. 

Always aerate the water before changing by leaving it sit in a container for two days before using it.

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