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Step 3 - Prepare The Live Rock

 If you are going to be using live rock to cycle the aquarium:

Now is the time to purchase and prepare it.

If using "uncured" live rock, place it in a separate vat or curing container and cure it. If curing it directly in the tank, do so only with a bare bottom tank, and make up enough saltwater in another container for a 25-50% water change. Once the live rock curing process has subsided, siphon any detritus off the bottom of the tank, removing 25-50% of the water at the same time, and then begin aquascaping.

If using "cured and cleaned" live rock, keep it moist or wet, and at a room temperature as close to that of the tank temperature as possible until it is placed into the aquarium for aquascaping.

If you are not using live rock to cycle the aquarium, continue on with Step 5.

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