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Step 8 - Purchase & Add Livestock

Here are some considerations to make BEFORE introducing livestock into a new aquarium cycled with live rock:

If using a QT, make sure it has cycled and is ready for livestock to be added.

Before going out and actually buying anything, learn what to look for when purchasing livestock first.

Purchase 2 or 3 fish/animals from the livestock "species list" you created earlier in Step 7, remembering to only choose the animals on your list that are suitable for a beginner to start with.

Acclimate and place them in the QT for 2 to 3 weeks. After the quarantine period is over and the fish are eating well, move and acclimate them into the main aquarium, but only if the cycling process is complete.   

DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE NEW TO THE MAIN AQUARIUM FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, or until the tank has adjusted to the newly added bio-load and all water parameters are normal. Otherwise, new tank syndrome may occur.

If the main aquarium is still in the the final stages of cycling, there is no harm in leaving the fish in the QT until the main aquarium is ready for fish to be added.

If not using a QT, which is not advised, make sure the main aquarium has cycled and is ready for livestock to be added.

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