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Subject: Cloudy water
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000

I have a 55 gal. salt water tank about a year old. Sand man filter. Both
pads changed bi-monthly since the problem of cloudy water. Water tests fine by my local store. Cloudy for two months. Six small to med. size fish. No new fish for four months. Any help will be a God send.


There are several factors that may be contributing to your cloudy water. I will give you some ideas, but without more information a proper
diagnosis will be difficult.
First, what types of fish are in the tank, and more importantly how many? As a general rule we like to see an absolute maximum of 1 inch/per 3
gallons of water in saltwater setups. Is the Sandman unit enough filter for your tank? Probably not. You ay water tests fine, what tests are they conducting? A full spectrum should be done not just the nitrate, ammo, etc.
There is a water parameter that is not “fine”, and this will be exposed with enough testing, generally. I would start by using a general “cloudiness” remover, which will probably not work, but it is worth a try. I would then either reduce my population, which you probably do not want to do OR increase my filtration.
A great filter for that tank would be Skilter 400 with the combination
protein skimmer built in. There are two schools of thought on protein
skimming, but most everyone agrees that light protein skimming is
I hope these ideas help you out. Please feel free to write again and
keep us all up to date.



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