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Belgian Mastiffs

Belgian Mastiff

The Belgian Mastiff was a leash dog, used for work such as tracking and searching. Undoubtedly, he was also used as a guard dog. Because of his resemblance to the French hounds, he most likely originated in France and then the characteristics were changed during his residence in Belgium. The Belgian Kennel Club states that he may be extinct. The FCI places him on the suspended list.

The Belgian Mastiff was an untiring worker. He was not regarded as a friendly dog but was loving towards his human family. With strong drives of protectiveness, it was necessary that he vent his energy and anxiety.

Height - 27 to 32 inches (69 to 78 cm).
Weight - 100 to 110 pounds ( 45 to 50 kg).

Coat type - short, smooth, and loose fitting. Color - brindle, fawn, may be a dark mask and/or infrequent white markings.

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