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Originally christened the "Leopardette" and referred to by some authors as the "Bengali", the Bengal Cat originated from a cross between a wild Asian Leopard Cat (Felis bengalensis) and a domestic cat. It is therefore a hybrid cat, and one would expect all the offspring to be infertile. Surprisingly, although the first male offspring did prove to be infertile, the females did not, and it was possible to use them in a planned breeding program to develop the new breed.

A large cat for a domestic breed, with males weighing 12-16 lb and females being half that size weighing an average of 6-8 lb. It has a muscular body with high hindquarters, large feet, and a characteristically spotted coat. Even the belly is spotted. The black spots are usually solid, but often appear as dark rosettes. The tail-tip is black. The main difference between the coat of the wild cat and this new domestic hybrid is found on the ear and the tail. The ear of the domestic animal lacks the vivid white patch ringed with black that is seen in the wild ancestor, and the domestic tail lacks the wild

The Marbled Pattern while derived from the classic tabby gene, must be uniquely different with as little "bull's-eye" similarity as possible. The pattern, instead, is random, giving the impression of marble (hence the designation), and should have a horizontal flow when the cat is stretched. The coloring should include three or more shades with extreme contrast, distinct shapes, and sharp edges. The belly must be spotted.

Source: Tahoe Bengals

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