Brussels Griffon Breed Of Dog

Brussels Griffon Dog

A cross of the German Affenpinscher and the Belgian street dog, was the true foundation from which came the Brussels Griffon. Unfortunately, there is little background available on both of these breeds other than they came from 17th century Europe. It is thought that some Yorkshire Terrier may have been introduced due to the resemblance of the head features and the length of the body and legs. At some point, the smoothed-coated Pug, which was already established in Holland, was used as a cross with the Griffon. This crossbreeding was responsible for the two types  of coat in our present day litters.

The Griffon is extremely smart and this causes him to be sensitive. He can actually display an air of self consciousness when around humans he doesn't know. Griffons are obedient and easily managed, but don't always take well to a leash. Their training should begin at a very early age.

The Brussels Griffon has a great personality and a good nature. Loyal and devoted, he is alert, sturdy, and has a high energy level.

Height- 7-8 inches.

Weight- Usually 8-10 pounds.

Requires a minimum living space.

Said not to be good with children.

Cost, $15 to 20 a month for food and grooming with grooming once a week.

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