Belgian Malinois Dog Breed

Belgian Malinois Dogs

The Belgian Malinois is the same dog, with the exception of the coat and color, in characteristics as the Belgian Sheepdog and the Belgian Tervuren. It is traced back in Belgium to 1898 when a dog with the characteristics of this breed was the first noticed.

The Belgian Malinois is a well-balanced, square dog, elegant in appearance, with a very proud carriage of head and neck. The dog is well muscled, strong, alert, agile and vigorous. When viewed from the back the legs and the back line form a square. His appearance differs from the Belgian Sheepdog and the Belgian Tervuren with the short coat, which is very short on the head and ears and longer hair around the neck and on the tail. His color is somewhat like the Belgian Tervuren.

The Belgian Malinois male is usually more impressive looking and appears ready for activity, alert, intelligent and curious.

Height- males, 24-26 inches; females, 22-24 inches.

The coat type- short, straight with a thick undercoat and a collarette of longer hair.

Training Information

American Belgian Malinois Club (M)


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