Bolognese Breed Of Dog

Bolognese Dogs

Bolognese dog

The origin of the Bolognese dog dates back to the 13th century in Italy.  But for its cottony tufted coat it looks much like the Bichon Frise.

This dog is a sweet, gentle affectionate dog that does well in the city or country. He is easy to learn and love kids and animals.

Not  much of a loner, he needs company throughout the day or leave in a room of his own. He is playful and needs daily walks.

Grooming- daily brushing is required or you'll find his coat full of knots and well matted requiring a trip to the groomer for repair.

Coat- long, tufted, and cottony.

Color- white only

Weight- up to 10 pounds.

Height- up to 12 inches.

Life span- up to 15 years.

Information for training your Bolognese can be found here.
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