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Border Collie Dog

While the medium sized Border Collie is well established around the world its roots are found in the Cheviot Hills along the border of Scotland and England, hence the name "Border" Collie.

This dog is known for being a quick learner and a hard worker used in many countries as a sheep dog. In the United States it is primarily a family pet. Due to the dogs active nature it is recommended that behavior training be considered.

Height: 20 - 21 in (52 cm) for the dog and 19 - 20 in (50 cm) for the bitch. Weight: 50 lb (23 kg).

Coat types - a double coat that is moderately long, thick, with a short, soft, thick undercoat. Colors can be black and white, or black with white and tan markings. A reddish-brown with white version can be found.

Cost - averages $20.00 a month.

Training Information

The Border Collie Society of America (L)

Corres. Secretary, Debbie Spence, 1021 Oakwood Circle, Keller, TX 76248

Breeder Contact, Davida Dzierla, 7432 27th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53143, (414) 656-1554


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