Boxer Dog Breed

Boxer Dog Breed

The history of the Boxer Dog as a unique breed begins late in the last century in the area of Munich, Germany. The Germans did not begin to breed dogs seriously and scientifically until that time, although various types of dogs had existed in Germany---as in England and the Continent---from time immemorial. According to Denlinger, "As far back as the time of the ancient Assyrian, more than 2000 B.C., a strain of dogs with powerful build, heavy head and great courage was bred and used in war. Centuries later the name of Molossian was given to dogs of this type, named from the city of Molossis in Epirus, in what is today Albania." These dogs spread across the continent and became the ancestors to the German Bullenbeisser.

It is generally accepted that a smaller Bullenbeisser bred in Brabant, an area in Northeast Belgium, is a direct ancestor of today's Boxer.

A medium-sized dog with a short-haired coat. Muscular, very alert, and a great watchdog. His temperament is playful, patient, and stoical with children. He is wary with strangers, curious, and fearless.

Height - males, 22 1/2-25 inches; females, 21-23 1/2 inches.

Weight - 65 to 70 pounds

Coat types - Short; Colors - brindle, orange, sable with white. Sheds a little.

Costs - averages $30.00 a month.

American Boxer Club, Inc.

Corres. Secretary, Mrs. Barbara E. Wagner, 6310 Edward Dr., Clinton, MD 20735-4135

Breeder Contact, Mrs. Lucille Jackson, 11300 Oakton Rd., Oakton, VA 22124, (703) 385-9385

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