Brandy Girl, Pomeranian Grandma Dog Retired

By Granny Blawat

It started out quite simply. A stop to a pet store, a puppy in a cage and we had a new breed of dog in our hearts.

We didn't know anything about Pomeranians but were about to find out. We didn't buy a puppy on the spot. We waited until it was too late to get that little guy we had first seen.

Eventually the store had another Pomeranian puppy. We purchased Bear Bear and took him home. He was a good little guy. He was a ball of gray and black fur. At about five months he turned red. What a surprise that was. I didn't realize that we were going to have a red dog. One of the strange traits of the Pomeranian is the color change. It is often unpredictable what the final draft will be.

After we purchased Bear Bear, one was not enough. We saw an advertisement with a female orange Pomeranian for sale. We then purchased Missy, a red female Pom. She was standoffish and was happy to find a hiding place and sleep there for hours. I wanted a lap dog and was dissappointed with Missy.

My husband Jim wanted to get a cream colored female. I took a trip to a kennel in another town to see what was available to buy. There were three for sale that were cream colored. There was a seven-year-old, a five-year-old and a two-year-old. The oldest one was the prettiest one. The two-year-old had just had a litter of pups and had blown her coat. (Shedding occurs six weeks after giving birth). Banish was her name. She was nearly ugly. I said, "Hi Banish". I could hardly believe my ears and eyes. She turned to me, raised her head, and said, "ru, ru, ra, ro". Needless to say, she was going home with me.

I asked Mrs. Wilks if she would like to see Missy. I told her that I had noticed in her pedigree that her parents were from her kennel. She looked at Missy and said she was a real nice dog. I agreed that she was a fine specimen of a Pomeranian, but was not happy with us. I asked if she would like to make a trade. She inquired as to the age of Missy. The two dogs were around the same age. A trade was made and Banish went home with me.

The ride home was long. It was ninety miles and all the while I was hoping that my husband could see beyond the hairless creature that he would first lay eyes on. I knew her hair would grow back.

Banish entered the kitchen and Jim said, "Hi there, girl". Banish said, "Gr rir rir rir". She captured his heart at that moment. He said, "What is her name?" "Banish, because she is the last in her line at the kennel." Jim said, "Her name will have to be changed." I agreed, and we settled with Brandy. Now we rarely think about her name having been Banish.

We had planned a trip out west. The day we were to leave, a car hit Bear Bear. It was clearly my fault; I had let him out of the back door to go to the truck. He was all excited about the trip and ran into the road. We live on a major thoroughfare and the traffic is merciless. It was a sad day to start a trip. Jim asked if I wanted to call off the trip. I said, "No, let's just go ahead to your sisters house in Milwaukee. We will have a couple of days there to put our loss to rest."

We traveled from Michigan south and up through California and Washington and back the northerly route through Canada and home again in five weeks time. Brandy was always in the front seat with us. Our car was fuzzy with her still blowing hair. She was balding more and more. I was glad to have a lint brush with us to keep the cab of the truck cleaned out as best as I could. By the time we arrived back home, Brandy had become very special to us. We bought Bandit, a tri colored white and black Pom to father puppies. Brandy had three puppies for us and then she was spade. She is now our resident Brandy Girl, Pomeranian grandma mamma dog, retired.

We also have Sugar Honey Candy Girl. Sugar is going to have puppies soon. She is a tiny four pound orange Pomeranian. All of our dogs are different in looks and personality. Brandy will always be our spokesdog for the rest. When she thinks a snack is in order, the rest get one too. She has a dense coat and is the most beautiful dog we have. She is eight years old and the queen dog in residence.

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