Border Terrier Dog Breed

Border Terriers

As the name suggests, the Border Terrier has its origin on either side of the Cheviot Hills which form the Border country, and may be regarded as one of the oldest kinds of terriers in Great Britain. As a purely working terrier, Border farmers, shepherds, and sportsmen for generations carefully preserved a particular strain of this dog which could be found in almost every Border homestead.

This dog is active, agile, and alert. A good tempered, affectionate companion. This dog's instincts are strong and should not be ignored. He should be provided with plenty of exercise time.

Height: The proportions should be that the height at the withers is slightly different than the distance from the withers to the tail, i.e. by possibly 1-1 1/2 inches in a fourteen pound dog (11 inches).

Weight: dogs, 13-151/2 pounds; females, 111/2-14 pounds.

Coat Type - Slightly broken, tightly fitting and excessively wiry. Colors - ranging from red to wheaten.

Training Information

Border Terrier Club of America, Inc. (M)

Secretary, Pattie Pfeffer, 801 Los Luceros Dr., Eagle, ID 83616

Breeder Contact, Judy Donaldson, 135 Westledge Rd., W. Simsbury, CT 06092, (860) 651-0140


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