Golden-Breasted Waxbill Bird Breed


For energy per ounce there is nothing on the market to match the tiny waxbill family. It is a large family, the best known member of which is from India, the Strawberry Finch.

But there are three perfectly delightful African birds clearly labeled as waxbills that would be welcomed in any home, the Gold-Breasted being one of them. The Gold-Breasted Waxbill (Estrilda troglodytes), is the tiniest of all commonly imported birds; it is so small that some stores do not like to carry it because it can escape most cages. There are several races and the colors vary somewhat, but all of them are very pretty. The male is brownish-green in the upper parts, with a bright orange breast that merges to red in the center and toward the belly. The sides have vertical stripes of gray. Altogether the little fellow is barely more than 3 inches long.

The Gold-Breasted Waxbill is simple to care for. It is peaceful with all other birds and will never start a fight. He is highly resistant to illnesses, they thrive in cages, and remain wonderfully cheerful under ordinary circumstances.

Food is no problem. This fella' eats either millet or a finch mixture. He will not touch fruit, but will take it or greens.

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