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Orange-Cheek Waxbill

Waxbills will gladly build a nest in a wicker globe or in a box 5 inches cubed, with half the front open. They use fine grasses, twine, paper and feathers. All the waxbills you have in a cage will pile into the same box without scrapping. If conditions are right, some of them will stake out a claim to a nest, lay, and raise young ones on the same diet, although while they are feeding babies it is a good idea to offer them live food.

The Orange-Cheeked Waxbill (Estrilda melpoda) is a little larger than the others and is more colorful. In addition to the general delicate fawnish coloring, this species has large bright cheeks that give it distinction among the waxbills.

Food is no problem. This fella' eats either millet or a finch mixture. He will not touch fruit, but will take it or greens.

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