American Bulldog Breed

American Bulldogs

This dog finds its origin in English Bulldog stock. It was used by farmers as a working dog and as a watchdog.

Though wary of strangers, he makes a great family dog that is outgoing and alert. This dog gets along with cats and other animals if socialized at and early age.

Bulldog Health
The Seven Most Common English Bulldog Health Problems, Their Symptoms, Medical Descriptions, How To Treat.

Obedience classes should start early since this dog can be stubborn. Not considered a good 'first dog' and does best in the suburbs or the country. 

Grooming- once a week brushing.

Coat type- stiff and short.

Colors- white with brindle, red with white, brindle, red with brindle, and white.

Weight- up to 120 pounds.

Height- up to 30 inches.

Life span- up to 12 years.

Training Information

Bulldog Club of America (M)

Secretary, Toni Stevens, P.O. Box 248, Nobleton, FL 34661

Breeder Contact, Susan Rodenski, 480 Bully Hill Dr., King George, VA 22485 (540)775-3015



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