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Canaries are one of the most common of pet birds. Some of the canaries relatives have been kept as pets for centuries. Canaries are among the best singers. There are more "passerines", as canaries and their relatives are called, than any other bird family. Birds of this family have one thing in common, their feet. Three unwebbed toes stick out in front, one behind. Canaries have been kept in captivity and bred for more than 500 years. They were found on the Canary Islands, before Columbus and his crew found America, and were taken home by the sailors and kept for their singing.

Today there are those that are drab in color that sing beautifully and those of beautiful color that are not so beautiful of song. It is the male that does the singing, while the female canary only makes a few sounds. If you are a late sleeper beware, the canary starts singing at day break. It is to announce his territory and he is calling the female canary. If you would like a canary that has the best song you would be wise to find a breeder. The pet stores often carry mixed breeds but these birds are by no means quiet.

There is great enjoyment to be gotten from the mixed breeds too. They are usually the price that most families can afford, whereas a show bird can cost much more. Canaries should be banded. That is to say they should have a band around their leg telling their age. Most males start singing at the age of 3 months. By the time the bird is a year old he should have his song well developed.

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