Canary Dog Breed

Canary Dogs

Long, long ago, when the Spaniards first arrived on the islands they noted the "canis" dogs running around, or the Canary Dogs. The birds (canaries) were named AFTER the dogs. Background was as a herding and guard dog, later bred for organized dog fights. When German Shepherds became the newest fad, the Canary or Appenzeller Dog was almost lost as a breed. Due to some isolated farms on the islands, dogs were found and the breed reestablished.

Excellent home guardians. Devoted to their families. Intimidating gaze, deep bark, fierce with strangers, docile and well-behaved with family members, aggressive with other dogs. Will stay by the owner's side, will not hesitate to attack anyone who threatens the master. As he is incredibly powerful and fearless, such an attack would be hopeless for the victim.

Size: 1 /12/ to 25 1/2 inches ( 54 to 65 cm. Weight: 84 to 106 pounds (38 to 48 kg). Coat is rough and short. Color; fawn or various brindles, sometimes with white markings. Has a sizable head and extraordinary temperament.

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