Caring For Your Cat

Cat Care

Before You Buy Your Cat

The price of a kitten depends on the breed, demand, supply, geography, and the number of surplus kittens the pet shop or the breeder has to feed. Somewhere between $300 and $400 is the average for the breeds around the country. Prices can be higher on the coasts. Prices for exotic or new breeds can be higher. There is no reason to pay more than $500 for a cat that isn't going to be used for breeding. Unless you just have to have a certain cat. Kittens for show will vary in price due to breed, demand, and potential. Persians tend to be higher. Finding one for less than $1,500 would be questionable. Remember, the more competitive a cat is likely to be, the more you can expect to spend. If you must have the kitten shipped any distance, that cost must be considered. Carriers for transporting the animal may be purchased at most pet shops. Depending on its size you can expect to pay between $30 to $35. The length of the flight determines most transportation costs. Short hops can range from $35 to $40, while longer flights can cost $100 to $115.

Things to Consider

The following are some things to look for when buying a kitten. Did the kitten seem alert when it was in a group of other kittens? Is the nose a little damp and cool, as it should be? Are the eyes shiny and clear? Is the area around the tail clean? If not it's probably a sign of diarrhea which may be a sign of bad health. Check its gums for signs of inflammation. The kitten with a warm nose or runny eyes should be avoided. Its ears should be clean and free of wax. Its fur smooth, shiny and soft with no patches of missing fur and absolutely no fleas. The skin should be scabless with no scratches. If there are scabs or baldness it could be ringworm. When buying a new kitten you should always get a money-back guarantee. At least a 5-day guarantee that way you'll have time to take the kitten to a veterinarian for a checkup. If the vet should find a serious problem you should be able to get a refund. Most cat breeders are reputable but you just might come across one that isn't, so get a money-back guarantee in writing. Many breeders will send a sales contract before shipping a kitten. Read it carefully. Always question any part of the contract you don't understand. If the kitten hasn't been registered yet you should get it in writing that the litter will be registered within 60 days and that you will receive the registration within that time. Never buy a kitten until it has been weaned. If you get a kitten that is not weaned you may very well have a lot of problems with it. So wait! The kitten should have at least one visit to the vet before you buy it. This is a precaution that should be high on your list. It will pay off in the long run. All kittens should have their vaccinations before the 3-month period.


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