Chinese Crested Breed Of Dog

Breed Information

The Chinese Crested dog breed finds its origin dating back some 3,000 years in China. Some authorities believe it was brought to China from Africa.

A very friendly, playful dog that does well with people and animals. Does well in the city and apartment living.

The hairless variety of Chinese Crested dog has hair on the head, tail, and on the feet up to the ankles and wrists. The powder puff variety is completely with a double coat.

Grooming the Chinese Crested dog

Only minor combing is needed on the hairless variety. The powder puff dogs should be brushed weekly.

Chinese Crested Dog Coat types

There are two varieties of coats available in this dog breed:

Hairless, which features gray skin with pink patches. 

Powder puffs, which have a double coat with undercoat soft and the outer coat with coarse hair. 


The Chinese Crested dog is usually parti-colored, white with patches of black, gray, and tan.

Weight- up to 5 pounds.

Height- up to 15 inches.

Life span- up to 15 years.

Training Information


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