Trimming Dog Nails
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Clipping Dog Nails

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Detailed Instructions For Trimming Dog Nails

Continuously check for a black dot in the center of the nail. This is the start of the quick. With diligent trimming, the quick will retreat into the nail, allowing you to cut shorter each time.

In brittle nails, the cut may splinter. To smooth the nail, file the nail in a sweeping motion from the back, through curve and to the tip.

Do not forget the dewclaws, which can cause especially painful ingrown problems. They are 1” - 4" above the feet on the inner side of the legs.  

If you accidentally cut the quick, wipe off the blood and apply Kwik-Stop or styptic powder to stop the bleeding. This type of accidental injury is not serious and will heal in a very short time. Again, you can find these dog supplies at most pet supplies stores or visit PediPaws for a simple, painless, nail-trimming solution.

Clipping Dog Nails - Helpful Hints:

Mind the tolerance of your dog, and be sure to take breaks, if necessary. If your dog is not used to having his nails trimmed, start slowly, and gradually work up to simply holding his toes firmly for 15 - 30 seconds. Do not let him mouth or bite at you. 

It can take daily handling for a week or more to get some dogs used to this. When your dog tolerates having his feet held, clip just one nail, and if he is good, praise him and give him a tiny treat. Wait, and then at another time, do another nail. Continue until all nails have been trimmed. Slowly, you will be able to cut several nails in one sitting, and finally all the nails in one session.

Trim nails a small amount weekly, even if long walks keep them naturally short.   A regular trimming routine helps your dog get used to proper maintenance

Invest in a quality pair of dog nail trimmers in an appropriate size for your dog. They can last a lifetime.

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