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Cockatiels are another favorite pet bird. Cockatiels are easily bred and hand trained.

Just where the Cockatiel belongs in the bird classification system is a disputed question; some ornithologists place it near the cockatoos (it has a raise-able crest). The cockatiel lives in the savannas and grasslands of central Australia and, like the Budgerigar (parakeet), it roams in great flocks- following the varying food supply-from district to district. The cockatiel can do great damage in cultivated land. It lays four to seven eggs in tree holes. Both parents incubate the eggs.

Adult birds can reach a length of twelve to fourteen inches.

Food: Canary-grass seed, sunflower seeds, millet seeds, oats, fruit, berries and green stuff.

The cockatiel is one of the most peaceable and easy-to-please of all parrots.

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