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Palm Cockatoo

The origin of this bird lies close to the continent of Australia. It can be found in New Guinea, and on the islands of Misol and Aru.

A strange looking fellow of mostly black except for its naked red face. Depending on the condition and the mood of this fellow, his face can change shades of red. The Goliath is the largest cockatoo with the Palm coming in second. The Palm has a huge head and beak, is noisy and has a large crest of black feathers.

Regardless of his size, up to 28 inches, this bird is gentle, shy and hard to keep. He is difficult to breed and can be quite expensive. Finding a mate is difficult and if you are lucky enough to find one it is up in the air whether they will get along or not.

This bird needs a sturdy cage of heavy wire with a good windbreak. He likes to sit in the open so the windbreak is important.

Fruit and vegetables make a good diet along with nuts and seeds.

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