Great Dane Dog Breed

Great Dane Dogs

To be a Great Dane owner is contingent upon the size of one's yard, home, and pocketbook.

Accurate canine history is limited to but little longer than the last half century. The first dog show was held  as recently as 1859 in England, where the "dog game" was born. Before that time, there were occasional records of different sorts of dogs over a period of more than 3,000 years; but items are so few, incomplete, and inaccurate that a student of dogs of antiquity can "prove" almost anything he cares to imagine.

A large dog of great elegance. He is courageous, strong, fast and has great endurance. Friendly and devoted with great spirit. If you have the room for this dog to romp, he's alot of fun.

The ears should be high and of medium size.

Height- males 30 inches at the shoulders; females, 28 inches at the shoulders.

Coat colors; black, blue, brindle, fawn, and harlequin. The coat should be short, thick, smooth and glossy.

Training Information

Great Dane Club of America, Inc.

Corres. Secretary, Kathy Jurin, 1825 Oaklyn Dr. Green Lane, PA 18054


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