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Believed to be an ancient mastiff breed. The Danish Broholmer is also known in Denmark as a "butcher's dog", for it is a common sight to see one laying in front of a butcher's shop in Copenhagen. She is a guardian of both the livestock and of the home.

She has been used in the Zoological Gardens in Denmark to raise lion cubs. While the black dogs were used as watch dogs.

The breed was thought to be extinct until an article appeared in a Danish magazine in 1974. The results of the news media brought out actual members of the breed. And from there, the reconstruction of the Danish Broholmer was begun. With very little of these dogs meeting the standards of the breeding council, every dog who does meet the standards receives a tattoo marking in the ears for identification. Both males and females are required to be able to breed according to the Breeding Committee. All registered Broholmers must not be sterilized, castrated or given any medication preventing the heat without permission from the Breeding Committee.

To become an owner you must become a member of the Broholmer Society. There slightly over 300 Broholmers living in Denmark. Since January of 1998, Broholmers can now be sold outside of the country. Only 10% of all born can be exported. If you buy one outside of the country, remember to have a TRUE member of the breed, it must have been born after this date.

A calm, watchful dog, gentle, not aggressive, real friendly. Her colors are fawn (from yellow to light brown) dark muzzle or mask may be present, or black with white markings.  Height - 27 1/2 to 29 1/2 inches (70 to 75 cm). Weighs 115-140 pounds. Coat is short and coarse.

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