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By 1905, the Audubon Bighorn in North Dakota had vanished -- victim of unregulated hunting. The last Bighorn was spotted on Magpie Creek, not far from Teddy Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch. You have to think that some part of the soul of the land died ... when the last Bighorn disappeared.

And for fifty years, that's the way it was. The Audubon Bighorns were gone.

What's 65 million years old, has a nose a third the length of its body, and is making a last stand in North Dakota? It's not Pinocchio and it's not an underwater version of Barney -- though that's close. It's the Paddlefish. There were paddlefish here when the dinosaurs roamed.

In ancient Rome, Flamingo tongues were considered a great delicacy. Their existence was threatened by hunters. The Romans made a law making it illegal to hunt flamingos, but it failed.

There are 40,000 muscles and tendons in an elephant's trunk. This makes it very strong and flexible allowing an elephant to pluck a delicate flower or lift a huge log. The trunk is used for touch, grasping, sucking, spraying, smelling and striking.

Gibbons live in family groups and communicate to others through high-pitched songs which can be heard for several miles. Songs are specific to each family and convey information such as location, temper and social position.

A giraffe's sticky, black tongue can be more than 18 inches long and is used to gather food into the mouth. Males typically feed with their head and neck at full vertical stretch, often with their tongues extended to reach the shoots on the underside of the mature tree canopy. Females feed at the body or knee height, with their necks curled over.

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