English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

English Cocker Spaniels

One of the oldest types of land spaniel known, the Cocker Spaniel descended from the original spaniels of Spain as one of a family destined to become highly diversified in size, type, coloring, and hunting ability.

Prior to the 17th century all members of the group were designated merely as spaniels, whether they were large or small, long-bodied or short, fast or slow on their feet. Gradually the marked difference in size began to impress those who used the dogs for hunting, with the result that the larger dogs were soon springing game and the smaller ones hunting woodcock. The names springer spaniel and cocker, or woodcock spaniel naturally followed, and in 1892 the Kennel Club (England) finally recognized them as seperate breeds.

This dog has character of extreme importance. His love and faithfulness to his master and household, his alertness and courage is characteristic. He is smart, and a very happy dog.

Height for dogs at the withers is 16'' to 17"; bitches 15'' to 16".

Weight for males, 28 to 34 pounds; bitches, 26 to 32 pounds.

Coat types - medium, wavy, flat, All solid colors, multi-colored. Average shedder.

Costs - averages $25.00 a month.

Training Information

English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, Inc. (M)

Secretary, Kate D. Romanksi, P.O. Box 252, Hales Corners, WI 53130

Breeder Contact, Kate D. Romanksi, P.O. Box 252, Hales Corners, WI 53130, (414) 529-9714


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