Field Spaniel Dog Breed

Field Spaniels

The Field Spaniel is a combination of beauty and utility. It is a well balanced, substantial hunter companion of medium size, built for activity and endurance in heavy cover and water.

The Field Spaniel demeanor ranges from reserved to frolicsome to downright impish depending on the setting and circumstances.

Symmetry, gait, attitude and purpose are more important than any one part. They need to be a useful member of the family and may be trained for the conformation ring, to work as a hunter, obedience dog or in tracking.

The modern Field Spaniel is a sturdy, medium-sized spaniel averaging 18 inches in height, and weighing from 40 to 55 pounds. Well balanced in bone and substance, the Field is larger than the English Cocker, yet smaller than the English Springer. Hair coat is long, flat, glossy, and silky in texture, with good feathering on the chest, body, and legs. Colors are Black, Liver, or Roan, or any one of these with tan markings.

An active, friendly dog, the Field is loving and eager to please. They are excellent with children and other animals, but can be somewhat reserved with strangers.

Alert and able to bark an alarm, Fields are not guard dogs, nor are they dogs for those with "House Beautiful" aspirations. Though seasonal shedding is only moderate, their large, heavily webbed feet testify to the breed's fondness for water, and their drinking habits often leave the floor around their bowls swamped

True to their retrieving nature, Fields love to carry objects around in their mouths. They also like to travel, tend to snore, and can have a very diverse vocal range.

To be at their best, young Fields should be trained and allowed to experience as many non-threatening situations as possible, including meeting a variety of people and animals. 

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