Sussex Spaniel Dog Breed

Sussex Spaniels

The Sussex Spaniel derives his name from Sussex, England, Where the first kennel of these dogs belonged to a Mr. Fuller who developed the rich golden liver color that distinguishes the breed.

Although he lacks the speed of the springer and cocker, the Sussex has a keen nose, and he is a determined hunter. When taught correctly he can become an excellent retriever.

The Sussex is a small dog, somewhat massive and muscular, with free movements and nice tail action, denoting a cheerful disposition. . It puts on weight easily, so monitoring its eating habits is sometimes necessary. Easily trainable and very loving, it is said they do well with children.

Height - 15 to 16 inches. Weight - 35 to 45 pounds

Coat types - brown, medium length, wavy. Average shedder. Grooming Frequency 2 times week.

Costs - averages $20.00 a month.

Training Information

Sussex Spaniel Club of America (L)

Corres. Secretary, Sylvia Schlueter, 383 Blane Ct., Dawson, IL 62520

Breeder Contact, Sylvia Schlueter, 383 Blane Ct., Dawson, IL 62520, (217)364-9603

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