German Wirehaired Pointer Dog Breed

German Wirehaired Pointers

A comparatively young breed developed in Germany from the middle of the previous century.

The German Wirehaired Pointer dog is sturdy, active, intelligent, aloof and friendly. An all weather dog of medium height. The coat is weather-resistant, water repellent. It is straight, harsh, wiry, and quite flat-lying. A very dense undercoat insulates the body against the cold of winter, but it sheds out to a degree as to be almost invisible in the summer.

Height: males 24-26 inches at the withers; females, smaller but not under 22 inches.

Coat type - harsh and wiry, rather flat lying - and grandfather-like facial furnishings ( beard and brow).

Color - solid liver or any combination of liver and white, can also be black and white. Other color possibilities are frowned on by all registries include black and tricolor.

Training Information

German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America, Inc. (M)

Corres. Secretary, Karen Nelsen, 25821 Lucille Ave., Lomita, CA 90717

Breeder Contact, Mrs. Nancy Mason, 826 Cinebar Rd., Cinebar, WA 98533, (360) 985-2776


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